Which Shoe Are You? - Holiday Edition

Which Shoe Are You? - Holiday Edition

It is official. The holiday season is upon us, and cold-weather fashion is in full force. Our winter styles are here and, as usual, they are named in honor of the women we love from the mid-twentieth century.

It is always fascinating to see how our customers choose their shoes. They seem to pick the shoe which has a “personality” that likens to their own.


Which shoe are you? Take the quiz below and find out.

(Select the answer that BEST describes you).


1. You go to your company’s holiday party and you:

a.  Gleefully hug everyone you see, even the guy you never met who works in the basement.

b. Show up fashionably late.

c. Mingle with a group of close colleagues and stick with that group for most of the night.

d. Skip the party for date night with your latest fling.

e. What holiday party? I’m home wrapping presents.


2. What is the best part of the holiday season?

a. The Hallmark Movies

b. The holiday parties

c. Spending time with family

d. Holiday activities like ice-skating

e. Giving and receiving gifts


3. Your favorite holiday cocktail is:

a. A glass of sparkling champagne.

b. Hot Toddy- (hot water, lemon, bourbon, and cinnamon.)

c. Gingersnap-(dry gin, fresh lemon juice, ½ tablespoon honey, ¼ cup ginger beer, chilled. )

d. A classic martini

e. One glass of Egg Nogg, followed by a night of wine flights.


4. You dress….

a. Classic and simple

b. For yourself

c. To stand out

d. To blend in

e. However you are currently feeling


5. Your ideal holiday destination is:

a. Old Cape Cod

b. The South of France

c. There’s “No Place Like Home.”

d. New York City (to see a Broadway show)

e. Portofino, Italy



 Add up your answers to see which shoe you are!!


Question 1:

A= 5,     B= 4,       C= 3,     D= 2,       E= 1


Question 2:

A= 1,     B=5,       C= 3,      D=4,      E=2


Question 3

A=5,       B=1,      C=4,     D= 2,     E=3


Question 4

A= 2,    B= 1,      C=5,    D= 3,     E= 4

Question 5

A= 5,    B= 2,    C=1,    D= 4,    E=3



Jackie O. Boot- 20-25 points (see here)

Judy Burgundy Pump- 15-20 points (see here)

Ava Nude Pump- 10-15 points (see here)

Bardot Black Pumps- 5-10 points (see here)

Hepburn Burgundy Loafer- 1-5 points (see here)


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