Question 1.

I Would Like to Return My Purchase. What Do I Do?

Answer 1. 

Contact Customer Support. Returns will be re-funded for all un-worn shoes within fourteen days of purchase. After fourteen days, you may return un-worn shoes with store credit. Customer is responsible for return-fees. 

Luna Selene LLC will pay for shipping on all exchanges.

For exchanges, please contact our customer support. We will send you a pre-paid shipping label to print. 

*All shoes that are returned/exchanged must be returned in the condition they were sent. Luna Selene will not accept otherwise. 


Question 2.

How do I Clean My Shoes?

Answer 2.

How do I Clean My Shoes?

How to Clean Leather &Patent Leather:

Leather: Wipe off soil by using equal parts cool water/distilled white vinegar and allow to dry.

Address any scuffs on real leather with a matching shoe polish, following the instructions on the label.

Patent Leather: Remove scuffs with a microfiber towel dipped in petroleum jelly (olive oil can be used for larger scuffs). Let dry for 10-15 minutes and the, wipe off with a clean cloth. Restore shine with a spritz of Windex.


How to Clean Suede Leather:

Clean dirt with a soft bristled brush. Use a pencil eraser to address marks that remain. If the mark still will not budge, dip a clean cloth into vinegar (DO NOT DRENCH) and apply to the shoe, using a back and forth motion. The shoe will be temporarily damp, and the wetness will eventually evaporate, returning the shoe to its natural color.


**For on-the-go, use the shoe-cleaning wipes enclosed in your Luna Selene shoe box. **