About Us

 Who We Are.

Luna Selene is an atelier of handcrafted footwear invoking the everyday elegance and timelessness of femininity.

Since the spring of 2021, our shoes have been exclusively produced in Italy in batches of less than 100 pairs per style.

Our master artisans meticulously craft our timeless designs with quality and care that preserves the art of shoemaking.

As of today, Luna Selene shoes are made solely with leathers from the Marche region of Italy, a footwear district within miles of the fifth-generation, family-owned factory we use.


It Started with Founder, Shannon Slack.

Shannon Slack dreamed of building a small luxury brand that was defined by a woman’s wish to reimagine her feminine style.

With the modern fashion industry focused on dressing down, she wanted to create a brand for women who cherished the art of dressing up.

A fierce lover of mid-twentieth-century fashion, her designs are classically inspired, feminine, and comfortable.

Red, the color of power, is the mainstay throughout many of her designs, while the block heel is incorporated to ensure Luna Selene shoes can be worn from “desk to dusk.”

Her vision has evolved since Luna Selene launched in the Fall of 2020, and she continues to create designs that are inspired and influenced by the women she meets every day.