Luna Selene Brand ethos and Sustainability


At Luna Selene, we cherish the journey of redefining femininity for the modern woman. This journey celebrates her strength, elegance, and the joy she finds in both her career and her personal life.

Our brand is more than luxury; it's a heartfelt celebration of the woman who effortlessly balances her professional aspirations with the love and laughter of time spent with family and friends.

We're passionately committed to ethical practices that uplift everyone involved in bringing Luna Selene to life.

This means working with factories and suppliers who align with our fairness, respect, and integrity values. It's important to us that everyone, from the artisans crafting our shoes and accessories to the women wearing them, is treated with dignity and enjoys benefits that go beyond the industry norm, ensuring a healthy balance between their work and personal lives.

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword for us; it's woven into the fabric of everything we do. From rigorous audits to ensure zero waste in our manufacturing processes to selecting textiles designed to endure, we're committed to making choices that protect our planet.

Our use of natural, non-toxic dyes and environmentally friendly packaging is a testament to our dedication to a sustainable future.

Shannon Slack, the visionary behind Luna Selene, embodies the balance and beauty our brand stands for. She brings intention and care to every design, creating beautiful pieces that empower the self-reliant woman of today.

Luna Selene Celebrating The Modern Woman

Our shoes and accessories, crafted with love in Italy, showcase the premium leather of Marche and are designed to be timeless, sophisticated, and sustainable—true fashion icons meant to be cherished and not discarded.

Luna Selene is Shannon's tribute to all women—mothers, wives, sisters, daughters—who navigate the complexities of balancing career, family, and self. It's about supporting each other, especially those who strive daily to make positive impacts, like those in the healthcare industry Shannon admires.

Join us at Luna Selene in our mission toward a more ethical, balanced, and beautiful world. Each step in our shoes and accessories is a step towards a new definition of modern femininity—elegant, strong, and conscious.

With Luna Selene, every woman's journey is celebrated, and every design tells a story of passion, empowerment, and hope for the future.

Welcome to our family, where we embrace the beauty of being perfectly balanced.



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