The History Of The Go-Go Boot

"A Shoe That Changed History."


The "Go- Go Boot" conjures up visions of teenage gazelles dancing in striking, white boots, poignantly accessorized with tiny mini dresses and signature flip hairstyles.

In this post, we are transporting back in time though the history of this iconic shoe. We explore the origin of its design, the craze that it ignited, and the literal footprint that it left on society.

 The Inventor(s)

 1964 marked a year of major U.S. events. The Civil Rights Movement was at a fever pitch and our country was about to enter the Vietnam War.

It was also a time of great change in the world of fashion. The skirts were getting shorter, the hair was getting bigger, and the legendary Go Go Boot was born.

There are varying stories as to the original inventor, but our research indicates that Golo Footwear invented the original design, while French designer, André Courreges brought it to the masses.


Courreges' white ankle-high boot had a square toe and a low, square heel.

His design gained popularity in discotheques, like the Whiskey A Go-Go and were touted by young girls who wore them with mini skirts and dresses. 

As the 60s raged on, the hemlines crept higher, as did the length of the boot.

 Corinne Lounge albany ny 1960s old Go Go girls | AlbanyGroup Archive |  Flickr

The Go Go Girl

 "Go- Go Girls," were coined at the Whiskey A Go-Go. They were often scantily dressed as they danced at bars to increase the energy of the crowd.

The Go- Go Girl and the Go-Go Boot became a synonymous symbol of female liberation and the carefree lifestyle that was sweeping the nation's youth culture. 


Nancy Sinatra Walks Her Go-Go Boots To #1 - February 26, 1966

 Nancy Sinatra

Her legendary song catapulted Nany into Go-Go queendom and solidified itself as her signature hit.  Swaying in her black sequin dress with a posse of background dancers, Nancy's boots in the original video were black.

Her famous white go-go boots were worn while promoting the song, and she later donated them the Hard Rock Café in Beverly Hills.

The Number 1. classic took the world by storm and cast Nancy and her boots as a pinnacle of mid-60s pop culture history.

 A Cultural Phenomenon

The Go-Go boot defined a generation. Its design is layered the freedom, turbulence, power, and self-expression that characterized the decade of the 1960s.

Inspired by its significance, we have re-introduced our own version this year. Keeping the simple silhouette, we have produced an elegant nod to the boot that defined a generation.


To learn more about our homage to the classic Go-Go Boot, visit our shop here.

The Luna Selene Twiggy Go-Go Boot.


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