5 Ideas for Celebrating Summer in Your Luna Selene

Cities and businesses are reopening across the country. Which means you’ll have places to go this summer, and you’ll need the right shoes to take you there. With the new Luna Selene strappy sandals, you’ll have the right footwear to match your summer wardrobe. Here are five ways you can celebrate the season in your Luna Selenes: 


1. Winery Hopping with The Girls- Celebrate summer with your girlfriends by hitting up one (or a few) wineries. Pair your Luna Selene sandals with a nice glass of pinot or rosé.

2. Barbecuing With Friends- Call up all your friends for a fun night of food, drinks, and memories. It’s time to party!

3. Fireworks Under the Stars- Make summer memories with your family and friends celebrating Independence Day. Just own the night, like the Fourth of July.

4. Summer Romance- After a year distancing, it’s time to embrace your inner flirt. Reignite your love life by scheduling a hot summer date or night out on the town.

5. Beach Vacation in Style- You deserve a vacation. Pack your best outfits, put your out of office message on, and head on over to the beach!


Wherever this summer takes you, the versatile Luna Selene strappy sandal will be your go-to shoe for all of your adventures. Celebrate your summer in style!